August 16th 2016

As she softly lays her head to rest
Warmly tucked beneath the sheets
I wish to part away her hair
That lay on her face as she sleeps

Perhaps then it would reveal
The dreams reflecting on her face
I wish to comb through her hair
To have her thoughts outlined and traced

Soon I too will be caught dreaming
But before then I want to experience peace
I wish to take one lasts look of her smile
As visions of my own begins and greets

My hand will find my ways to hers
With the warmth at our bedside
We’ll draw long and deep breaths
And yesterdays trouble will all subside


February 14th, 2015

I didn’t necessarily use the exact lyrics, rather the mood, syllable and beat. It’s I guess a valentines sorta themed I guess.

0:00 – Wouldn’t it be nice
0:05 – To meet by accident now
0:09 – Where I could blame this weather
0:13 – To run into a few strangers
0:17 – And maybe find one who’s like me

0:25 – Wouldn’t it be funny
0:30 – If habits never grew old
0:34 – But there’s a reason for why then
0:38 – Why I keep to myself
0:43 – And why she would keep to hers

0:51 – I’ll be down on my luck again if I didn’t try
0:54 – Maybe if I copied what I saw in the books
0:59 – “Hello miss, what a lovely weather”
1:02 – “Maybe cause you’re here”
1:04 – “Things just seem brighter”

1:07 – So fate would have it
1:09 – A beautiful stranger sat by me
1:14 – And so I asked
1:16 – As she turned
1:18 – “Can I compliment you on how you look today”

1:23 – Minutes turn into late night hours of our own talk
1:30 – So she said
1:32 – I replied
1:35 – “Romantic to get to know you, would you like to meet up some time”

1:57 – Wasn’t it nice how
2:01 – To meet by accident now
2:05 – Where I could blame this weather
2:10 – To run into a few strangers
2:14 – And somehow find someone like me

November 30th, 2014

I wrote this for a friend, though I forgot that I can also add the poem here as well for whoever else wants to read. It’s not really my best poetry, but it’s still none the less writing to look back on.

There is a candle lit besides her
In a dark unspoken room
The fire sways around to guide her
Like the wisp surrounds a tomb

On the bed lies poor mother
Who lastly whispers “I cannot”
There was no point in having each other
When we die and what’s left is forgot

She slaps her mother’s face
There was such disbelief and trust
A weeping angel who lost her grace
As she learns of ashes to dust

December 12th, 2014

You sir who walks into a crowd
Holding on to the suitcase
Why might that tie be so heavy
Is it because you look down
Wondering the tick tick tock

Well you have nothing to fear
The sidewalks are not cracked
But the clouds are rather uneasy
Such mess need to be organized
The station now is at its next stop

Step off slowly from the platform
Speeches aren’t the easiest to make
So why not take a deep breath
As the candlelight extinguish
Is it that time of year now

Well you now owe a present
What of the previous keepsakes
Guess you can never have too much
Friends shouldn’t count as commodity
Yet already three becomes a crowd

But wouldn’t it be nice to fill an empty room
Since a full house is better than just a pair
And to share a tea for two is just as fine
Because any shades of green is in the fair
Which you have a ticket for an admit one

So maybe leave your business attire home
Go on a vacation for the next hour
There is always something over the hill
But if it causes you to recline
Have one foot over the other and you’re done

Oh would you look at that bell chime
It’s alright half past one again
Is it the weight of your suit now
Have you forgotten to look up
Surely it was just around the block

The suitcase, hat, and attire should change
Perhaps into something bright
And then it would feel so much lighter
There you go again forgetting to look left
Will you now forget to read and learn to stop

October 28th, 2014

Not Allowed to Live in the Now – Start the read at 00:10

One for the hooligans who starts all the riots
Two for the diplomats with one sided bias
Three for the witness who stands by in silence
Four for the victims oppressed by the violence

It’s really hard to tell what’s even allowed
How can one expect to live in the now

Mother’s whose son are blessed during war
Taking up arms, to harm and break down the door
Just to come home, alone and get some reward
Things haven’t changed since inventing sword

United, divided, or conquered we will stand
Afraid who prays, are gay, are strange in this land
They’re hazed for days and days, hearing that they can’t
We’re one step further from ever holding hands

It’s really hard to tell what’s even allowed
How can one expect to live in the now

Business as usual, another one in jail
Apologize, forgiven, let go off of bail
Another crime, in short time, someone gets killed
In and out, years to now, returning yes they will

It’s really hard to tell what’s even allowed
How can one expect to live in the now

September 17th, 2014

Few to Little Online These Days

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break.
A place of mana pools or inn,
Press save, restart, then play to begin

Avoid taverns with potions and tonics,
Even if life gets critically low.
Alcohol increases miss-hit-ratio.

I was told, ‘It’s dangerous to go alone’.
So all I needed was ink to fight the horde.
They say ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’.

I reach the dungeon and there was dragon
Using a sword as a toothpick in its mouth.
I roll a 10 to sneak pass as quiet as a mouse.

There’s the holy manuscript on the table.
These sacred text contain ancient knowledge,
‘Obtained 1x – exam paper type: H’  for college

May God save us all in this long battle.
I switch from a ranger to fighter,
Cleric heal me soon after that all-nighter.

August 1st, 2014

I wrote a short poem yesterday after a loud thunderstorm kept me and another friend up at night. Anyways, not much in the world of poetry so far since I’ve been busy, but I did want to at least have something to reference too when I get bored and reread when I have the time. Thunderstorm forecast: With a dr seuss approach

Come sound of drums
With applauding hands
Interrupted by a timpani

Unable to hum
The rain on the land
What a lousy symphony

I did write another short poem awhile back, though it was a spur of the moment thought a months ago…

Let’s not forget: Flowers and All

They speak of flowers
But only of those bloomed
They may pick for beauty
But even flowers wilt too

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